#021: Navigating the First Few Weeks of Therapy

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I hope you’re ready to get an ear-full (in a good way!), because this week on the SLP Now podcast we’re going all in on tips, tricks, and practical strategies for navigating those (sometimes crazy and chaotic) first few weeks of school.

Hopefully you’re already actively doing a lot of the suggestions, and today’s episode delivers you a nice boost of confidence as you listen in thinking, “Yup, check. I’m doing that. Check, check, check.”

And, maybe there’s one or two things that you haven’t considered and could implement in your own therapy routine. You never know when you’ll glean some new ideas from the SLP hive mind, and can make some tweaks and adjustments to an already great process.

After all, we’re all here level up our speech therapy game together. 💪

So, grab your beverage of choice (it’s officially PSL season, right?), put your feet up (or hit the road ), and listen in.

Key Takeaways

– Top 3 priorities for the first few weeks of therapy, and strategies to make them happen.
– Practices that help students regulate + arrive ready to learn
– Using goal cards to check-in + review
– The importance of visuals to support
– Using authentic context in therapy
– Supporting students’ ability to access to curriculum
– Facilitating success and avoiding negative practice
– Scaffolding support
– RISE (Repeated opportunities, Intensity, Systematic support, and Explicit skill focus)
– Giving specific feedback and assigning homework
– Ways to get additional practice and help facilitate carryover
– Setting a group schedule + gathering data
– Organizing your visuals (in a way that is usable)
– Ideas for classroom activities that help the knowledge to stick (with examples of application)

Links Mentioned in the Podcast

Free clip chart from Nicole Allison’s TpT store
Free goal cards to check-in with + a template to implement
Common core posters from Nicole Allison
Caseload at a Glance
Contextualized Language Intervention by Ukrainetz
The Expanding Expression Tool
Nicole Allison’s intervention binders
Marisha’s therapy tote
The Notability app
Reading A-Z

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