Organizing Speech Therapy Materials On the Go

Welcome to Week 5 of the Speech Room Organization Challenge! I’m sharing ideas and strategies to help you tackle a few organizational projects over the summer. This week is all about organizing those therapy materials “on the go”!

Kristin from Talkin’ with Twang shared her speech therapy tote on Facebook. I absolutely loved her idea and went out to get my own rolling tote from Michaels. I used it to organize my skill-based materials. Because I like to use materials from the classroom, this is pretty much all I need on a day-to-day basis.

It also happens to be very helpful for push-in therapy. I just take my tote with me, and I’m ready for any curve balls I might encounter in the classroom.

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Here are my “must haves”…

1. Visuals

I printed out the visuals included in the SLP Now Membership. I store some of the small pieces in pencil pouches. I also use file folders and a file box to store the papers. I put the papers in sheet protectors so that we can easily draw/write on the visuals. The tabs make it really easy to find what I’m looking for.

2. Assessments

I store my assessments from the SLP Now Membership in binders. I put them in sheet protectors so I can store a couple copies of each assessment. If I run out and need to do a quick assessment, then I just use one of my markers, snap a picture, and save for future reference.

3. iPad

The iPad is a great time saver. I love pulling up materials from Google Drive for paperless therapy.

Notability is my absolute favorite app for this purpose. It is such a versatile tool that the students love. We use it to annotate articles, sequence stories, and record speech (for articulation carryover). I also use it to snap a picture of a textbook page for more interactive practice.

Bonus points if you let your kids use a stylus pen. Come find me at ASHA for a free stylus. 🙂

4. Markers

As you can tell, I love my sheet protectors! My students and I use dry erase markers and/or ultra fine point Sharpies® to write on the visuals.

5. Erasers

I found small round facial “scrubbers” at the dollar store. They are perfect for erasing dry erase markers. I use a Pentel Clic Eraser® or a wet cloth to “erase” the Sharpie® writing.

6. Accordion Folder

I also put an accordion folder in the front pocket of the tote. I use it to store my articulation stickers/visuals. I also have a folder for materials that I collect from teachers.

Here’s a quick shopping page in case you’re interested in any of the resources:

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Ready for more speech room organization tips?! This week we're talking more about organizing speech therapy materials--using a therapy tote! Learn a few ways you can organize various materials in a tote. Video tutorials included!


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  1. Ellie says

    Marisha, your organization skills are inspiring!!!!

    It didn’t look like you used Velcro to attach your category pics/cards… what do you use?? How does it work??

  2. Dawn says

    My wonderful husband just gave me this cart for Christmas! I have today set aside to get it all organized and stocked so I can start the year off right! Thanks for all of the fantastic suggestions and links.

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