#022: Parent Communication Strategies

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This week, we’re continuing our series all about navigating the start of the school year successfully. 💪

We’ve spent the last few episodes talking about scheduling, setting up your caseload, and building those interpersonal relationships with our fellow teachers and paraprofessionals.

This week, we’re going to branch out beyond the school + classroom and talk about communication with parents!

Parent communication can seem like a “soft skill” or something that’s more of a bonus compared to treatment goals, but it’s a great area to consider working on because they spend an awful lot of time with our students. They are often the ones who know their children best, and they can be such great allies throughout the therapeutic process.

So, if you’re ready to do some work on your communication skills, grab your drink of choice (I’ll have a chai latte!), put your feet up, and listen in!

Key Takeaways

– Why we should spend time working on parent communication
– Five strategies that we can use to start navigating the process:
– Using handouts with parents
– Mapping out IEPs, and getting parents prepared
– Using technology to keep parents informed
– Having a central hub for information
– Keeping everything organized

Links Mentioned in the Podcast

Communication apps
SLP Now for communication logs
My favorite handouts

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