Teachers Pay Teachers saved my life a million times last year. Truth.

I spent way too much money on Teachers Pay Teachers. Truth.

You have to spend all of your money on Teachers Pay Teachers too. False!

There are so many great freebies on TpT, and I wanted to share five of my favorites.

1. Theme Calendar for Speech Therapy
This is a newer freebie that I didn’t use last year. I think it will be SUPER helpful though. One of my goals is to incorporate more themes into my treatment next year, and using this freebie will definitely help make it easier to achieve that goal.

Therapy by Theme

 2. Shamrock Challenge
This is a great way to motivate kiddos to produce 100+ sound productions in one session. Peachie Speechie has dozens of different challenges (e.g., M&M’s, jelly beans, hearts, etc.). Check them out here.

Shamrock Challenge

3. Down the Field Reinforcer
A lot of my students LOVED this game. It’s super simple to prep and not too time-consuming to play. Great reinforcer!

Down the Field Game

4. Speech Sound Cue Cards
These are great visuals to use in therapy (and to send home with students)!

Speech Sound Cue Cards

5. Stoplight Self-Rating Scale
I printed this out and laminated it. I used it A LOT last year. I most often used it with older articulation students so that they could rate their own speech productions (but it could be great for other language skills, too). I also let students rate my speech productions. Let’s just say they loved the opportunity to give me a red light! It’s also a great way to give visual feedback when fading those verbal cues.

Stoplight Self-Rating Scale

I made a board on Pinterest with more of my favorites, so feel free to check that out if you want more!

For even more freebies, check out the Dabbling Speechie’s blog. She does a seasonal round-up of materials, including many freebies.
If you still want more, check out Teachers Pay Teachers. I did a search for all of the free products in the “Speech Therapy” category.

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