This spreadsheet was a lifesaver for me last year. I started the year using a hard copy form, but I had to make so many edits. I can’t tell you how many times I had to print out a fresh copy and re-write everything! The Excel sheet I made definitely isn’t as pretty as the other beautiful printables out there, but it works for me.

Let me show you what this little guy has to offer…

It includes the following:

To-Do List

Caseload List


Screening Log

Evaluation Log

Parent Contact Information

Parent/Teacher Contact Log

CEU Tracker

Test Inventory

Materials Inventory

My Four Favorite “Features”

1. Being able to sort the columns (i.e., in alphabetical order, by date) – I can sort my caseload list by grade, name, date of birth, teacher, IEP minutes, IEP due date, and evaluation due date. So useful! I especially loved this feature when scheduling IEPs/evaluations each month. I just hit the “Sort” button, and I could immediately see which IEPs were coming due. It was also convenient to be able to sort when the principal or special education coordinators asked me for a list of my students.

2. Being able to copy and paste student information in between sheets

3. Being able to click on email addresses and automatically open a new email

4. Being able to easily print copies as needed

Because this is a spreadsheet, you can customize this to fit your needs. Feel free to copy and delete columns/pages as needed.

Want some help getting organized? Check out this resource library for some FREE tools! This organization spreadsheet is included in the library!


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