My Favorite Teachers Pay Teachers Products

Freebies are great, but there are some paid products that I have found to be especially helpful. They really helped make my job a lot easier last year! Here they are…

1. K-5 Common Core Standards Supporting IEP Goals for ELA {Editable}

This is amazing! It saved an incredible amount of time when writing IEPs.

Common Core Standards for ELA IEP Goals

2. Curriculum Based Language Assessments for Grades K-5 Aligned with Standards

I used these assessments before nearly every IEP. The assessments are comprehensive. The data from the assessments make updating present levels and goals incredibly easy.

Curriculum-Based Language Assessments for Speech and Language

3. Listening Comprehension Screenings Bundle {Grades K-8}

These screenings are so functional and relate to what students are expected to do in the classroom. They have helped me “bridge” some communication gaps that I was having with teachers. Prior to using this bundle, teachers would *kind of* describe what was going on, but there was always a bit of a disconnect. I went over the results with a few teachers, and they were so impressed with how the skills assessed were representative of what they were seeing in the classroom. We were on the same page!

Listening Comprehension Screenings Bundle

4. Ultimate Data Collection Binder for Speech and Language

What a lifesaver! I used this for progress monitoring all year long. It made keeping data and writing progress reports so incredibly simple. This packet aligns perfectly with the goals in Nicole’s Common Core IEP Goal packet (#1).

Ultimate Data Collection Binder

5. Back to School Baseline Data Tool

The only thing that I felt like was missing from the Ultimate Data Collection Binder was pictures for the articulation words. This baseline data tool is the perfect supplement. Lauren’s packet includes great clip art and “worksheets” at the word, sentence, AND paragraph level.

Back to School Baseline Data Tool for Articulation

6. Leveled Grammar Intervention & Leveled Vocabulary Intervention

So far, I’ve listed a lot of goal-setting/progress monitoring tools. Did I do any treatment? You bet I did. These two binders were a “go-to” for me. The visuals, explanations, and leveled exercises made it effortless to teach new concepts to my students. The kiddos liked it so much that they requested to work in these binders. I put the pages in sheet protectors, and the students got to use a dry erase marker to do the activities. Check out Nicole’s video about the Grammar and Vocabulary packets to “take a tour.”

Leveled Grammar Intervention

7. Context Clues in Color

I loved the Listening Comprehension Screenings (#3) so much that I was frantically searching for more well-written, not-too-long passages to start using in treatment. I came across this bundle, and it was the perfect fit. You can target WAY more than just context clues (although this bundle is great for that). I made a quick handout with questions similar to those in the screenings, and I suddenly had reading passages that I could use to target numerous goals.

Context Clues in Color Bundle

8. Interactive Vocabulary Books

I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to these books! I bought so many of them this past year. Jenna has interactive books for everything under the sun (phonology, social stories, fall, winter, spring, summer, weather, prepositions, nursery rhymes….). They are fabulous for younger and/or less verbal students. The visuals and interactive pieces are great supports when modeling/eliciting language. I’ve gotten some of the most language from my emerging communicators in the autism preschool using these books. Jenna has two FREE interactive books in her store (Playground and Mother’s Day), so you can try it out yourself.

Interactive Vocabulary Books Bundle 1

9. Story Grammar Prompts

This is the perfect tool when targeting narrative skills. The visuals are fabulous and really help to teach/support this skill. I put the “story map” in a sleeve protector and let my students draw pictures/write key words using a dry erase marker. They loved it! I was happy, too, because they ended up producing beautiful narratives. Win, win!

Story Grammar Prompts

10. The Invincibles Save Figurative Language

You have to check this out. The idiom puzzles in this packet work so well. I would buy the packet for the puzzles alone. That’s how great they are. Check out the listing.

The Invincibles Save Figurative Language

Check out more of my favorite products here.

Want to hear about my favorite resource for SLPs?

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