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Must Have Therapy Tools for SLPs

We don’t NEED to have a lot of materials for effective speech and language therapy, but there are tools that can A) make our jobs easier and B) guide us when we need a little support. There are so many brilliant SLPs out there who have come up with tools and resources to help our students and make our jobs easier. Why not take advantage?! I’m going to being sharing 10 “Must Haves.” These are the resources that I benefit from most with my PK-6th grade caseload.

Caveat: Many of the items on my list aren’t cheap, but–if there is a tool that can help me do my job faster and better–you can sign me up. We can also get creative with our funding. Donors Choose, your school PTO, or even your special education department can be great resources. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the support I’ve gotten in purchasing these types of resources.

Which tools are you using in your speech therapy room to make your job easier? Which tools do you still need? Check out this post to see my top 10 must-have therapy tools for SLPs.

1. SpeechPathology.com

You (the SLP) are the most important part of therapy. Although having materials is great, nothing can replace a knowledgeable SLP. That is why SpeechPathology.com is at the top of my list! They offer a year of unlimited CEUs for $99. They offer a wide variety of professional development videos, and it’s a fabulous resource to go to when you’re feeling stuck.

2. iPad

I use my tablet for a variety of purposes (some of which I’ll share below). It is such a versatile tool for therapy and other SLP workload tasks. If you’re able to get your hands on one, I would highly recommend it! Donors Choose is a great way to get help with funding!

3. SLP Toolkit

For good therapy, we also need good data. SLP Toolkit has made this so. much. easier. This web app is a serious time-saver, too, when it comes to monitoring progress and writing IEPs. I find that this tool helps me be a more effective SLP. I’m also a little happier because I’m able to wrap up progress reports and IEPs in much less time, and I rarely have to bring paperwork home. Win win!

4. SLP Now Membership

I might be a little biased, but–when it comes to planning for therapy–the SLP Now Membership is such a time-saver! The membership includes resources for theme- and skill-based therapy. Having access to low-prep activities that are fun and engaging is a game changer! Check out this page to learn more and hear what other SLPs have to say about SLP Now!

5. Books

Books are the perfect therapy tool! I created some lists of my favorite books:

The SLP Now Membership includes book guides and activities, which makes for even easier therapy planning.

I also have some ideas for finding books on a budget.

6. Articulation Station

This is my favorite iPad app for articulation, and the images make great language targets, too. Must have!

7. Notability

This is my most-used iPad app. It is so versatile, and I can use it with most of my caseload. I especially love it for my older students. Stay tuned to hear how I use this app to target a variety of speech and language targets!

8. Expanding Expression Tool

Sarah Smith is a genius. The EET is one of my most used therapy tools. I use it primarily with my younger students to target vocabulary/describing goals, but the EET manual includes ideas on using the tool with older students. Worth the investment!

9. Bubbles

I had to include bubbles. 🙂 They’re a great reinforcer and can make for some great therapy sessions!

10. A Magic Wand

I wish I could tell you where to get a real magic wand, but the infamous Super Duper wand is a close second. Students are willing to work very hard for a chance to use the magnetic wand.

Your Turn

What is your favorite therapy tool? Share by leaving a comment below!

Looking for some more help? Check out this library of FREE tools for SLPs!

SLP Now Membership

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