Many of us are diving into the world of telepractice, and one of the most common questions is… How did I keep my students engaged?!

The good news is that we can still use our “tried and true” behavior management strategies. Those will always be useful, but I hope that this blog post gives you a few new tools to add to your “digital toolbelt.”

So here we are…

1. Vooks – We can still use books in therapy! Vooks is a super-engaging option, because they create animated (and narrated) story books. Other great options are Epic or your local library (yes, you can get free eBooks from the library!).

2. YouTube – Always preview your videos first, but this is a great source of fun videos/songs. Students can watch the video/song in short segments, or they can work for the full video at the end of the session. (Another option is to use the video as a therapy activity!)

3. National Geographic Kids – This site includes tons of games, videos, and articles.

4. JeopardyLabs – This site allows you to create your own Jeopardy games. Great for vocabulary review.

5. Wheel Decide – This site allows you to create your own spinner. Another great option for vocabulary review!

6. iPad Games – Many platforms allow you to share your iPad screen. This makes it super easy to pull up your favorite iPad games! My favorites are Cookie Doodle and any of the Toca apps.

7. ABCYa – This site offers TONS of games. You can use them to target specific goals, or you can use them as a fun reinforcer.

8. TinyTap – The site also offers a wide range of games. Perfect for a quick and easy reinforcer!

9. Online Dice – There’s something magical about dice (or spinners)! They make any activity more fun. How many times should we repeat the sound? Let’s roll the dice! How many sentences should we write? Let’s roll the dice! It’s a super easy and simple way to gamify your session. Be sure to make the browser window smaller so that the ads don’t show up!

10. Digital Reward Cards – Here’s a super simple example, but customize it in a way that excites your student! Pull in pictures of their favorite characters. You can also create different activities (e.g., building a pizza, decorating a cookie). The possibilities are endless! You can give the student a “token” at the end of every session, or you can use it at a higher frequency (e.g., after every 10 productions of a target sound). You can use any of the ideas listed above as a reward.

Do you have any favorite digital reinforcers? Let us know in the comments below!



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