#043: A Crash Course in Data Collection for SLPs

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OK, self-identified nerds: Wave those sleeve protectors in the air!

Data collection doesn’t get just anybody excited, so if this week’s episode title sparked your interest then I know you are my people. 🤓

SLP Kristin Bowers joined me for today’s podcast episode to share some incredibly practical advice related to all things data collection.

Kristin has a broad background in the SLP field, ranging from early intervention to the Bosnia Autism Project (!!), and I am so stoked that we got a chance to connect.

I have to say, what struck me the most about Kristin’s data collection strategy is her commitment to having just a single sheet of paper on her clipboard for the duration of the session… even if it’s a group session!

Mind = blown.

Her theory is that if you can be super clear and organized around what it is you’re measuring, and what each group’s metrics are, you can streamline your system in a major way. (And the trees will thank you for using less paper, too.)

I’ll admit that it’s a far cry from my early days as an SLP — when my “system” involved stacks of paper, post-it notes, QR codes, stone carvings…and only one of those mediums is an exaggeration! 😂

So. Whether you fancy yourself a Marie Kondo of paperwork, or you identify as a data hoarder, you can learn something from this conversation. (TLDR: Less is more!)

Grab your beverage of choice (I’ll have a macchiato today!), put your feet up, and listen in.

Key Takeaways + Topics Covered

– Introducing Kristin Bowers: Her background and expertise
– Data collection OR therapy: Can you do two things effectively in the same moment?
– Why more isn’t always MORE!
– Why consistency is key (ie. Collect data at the start of your session every week, OR the end every week, but don’t switch it up!)
– How to collect pure data
– Set probes
– Kristin’s simple and clear data collection and progress monitoring sheets
– Setting clear goals for progress monitoring before session begins
– Productions without your feedback (vs. with your feedback) for cleaner data

Links Mentioned in the Podcast

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Complete Progress Monitoring Pack
Irregular Plurals Puzzle

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    Please excuse my ignorance but what time are the podcasts? The time is likely listed somewhere and I’m missing but after days of this online, distance learning and trying to leanr everything really quickly I miss some things on my screens.

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