#046: A Crash Course in Scaffolding for SLPs

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In this episode, we circle back with a crowd favorite, Lauren LaCour Haines, to dive into the wonderful world of scaffolding. Think about it – on a construction site, a scaffold is a support structure that a worker stands on, in order to work on the big project at hand. HOW VERY LITERAL! Lauren is here to refresh us on some technical vocabulary for different types of prompts and cues – the support structures that we use to achieve our SLP goals.

If you’re a practicing SLP, you likely use physical, gestural, verbal, and visual prompts with your students without really thinking about it – you’re a natural! But having the vocabulary to describe those teaching techniques will serve you in your reporting, describing what you do, and in reinforcing to parents and educators what you already know – that you’re an expert in your field! And, as such, this could be an opportunity for you to teach your fellow SLPs, special ed teachers, and mainstream teaching team this verbiage, so that everyone can encourage and report student progress with the same clarity that you do. Like a boss. Boom!

So grab your beverage of choice (it’s hot chocolate day over here!) put your feet up, and listen in.

Key Takeaways + Topics Covered

– Hot tips on taking on a leadership role in your school – You can do it!
– Cueing vs. prompting
– Prompt dependence
– A hierarcy
– Determining the appropriate level of support
– Documentation

Links Mentioned in the Podcast

Episode 14 (Where to Start with Fluency Therapy)
Busy Bee Speech
Prompt Hierarchy from the Autism Helper
Lauren LaCour Haines on Teachers Pay Teachers

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