#047: How to Foster Parent Engagement in Telepractice

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Today we’ve got a very timely episode lined up for you, with SLP and founder of Expressable, Leanne Sherred. We’re talking about telepractice, and I’m so excited to share her story with you!

When Leanne reached peak frustration with insurance companies denying coverage to families in need again and again, she co-founded Expressable, a telepractice company that links SLPs with students who need assistance via teletherapy. As it turns out, when she cut out the overhead costs of a physical location, Leanne could pass the savings down to client families *and* pay her SLPs a great wage. As if that wasn’t enough, she was also able to match therapists with clients more strategically because location wasn’t an issue!

In the words of Michael Scott, that’s a win-win-win scenario, folks!

Social distancing or not, this is a service delivery model that’s well worth investigating. Telepractice provides accessibility for families in remote locations, potentially saving them hours of driving time (and money spent on gas!) to the nearest clinic. And because so many of our favorite modern SLP tools, games, apps, and activities can be shared via a screen, you’ll be able to achieve the same great results in your kiddo’s IEP!

Leanne also pointed out that your dog/goldfish/houseplant will enjoy having you nearby for those in-between moments, when you can give them some extra love. (Maybe your cat? Tough to say. They kind of live for social distancing!)

So grab your beverage of choice (I’ll have a chai latte!), put your feet up, and listen in.

Key Takeaways + Topics Covered

– Leanne operates through private practice, and solely through telepractice. The business model significantly reduces the cost, which allows many to skip the insurance claims altogether!
– The parent or caregiver becomes the facilitator. Setting expectations with them is an important step.
– Be creative in ways to keep kiddos engaged.  It’s gotta be fun, telepractice or not!
– Balance and decompression can be a little more accessible while SLPs are working from home. Take your dog for a walk, make lunch, etc. in between sessions.
– Determining the appropriate level of support
– Deep breath, everybody! These are wild times we’re living in, and kudos to everyone for managing!

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