#045: A Crash Course in an Alternative Service Delivery Model for Articulation

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People. Let me tell you about my best friend! 😍

What a treat to interview my super-pal Kayla Redden on this week’s episode. She’s a school-based SLP, and she has a real knack and passion for articulation therapy β€” except, she’s doing it in 5-minute chunks instead of 30-minute marathons.

(OK. Maybe 30 minutes isn’t a marathon for you, you patient adult human, but for a five-year old? Absolute MARATHON. Anyone who’s ever grocery shopped with a pre-schooler will attest to this! πŸ™ˆ)

I know it seems like taking your usual 30 minutes a week and splitting it up into 5-minute sessions sounds like more work, but as Kayla explains, it’s really less work, done more frequently.

Your kiddos will get your undivided 1:1 attention, which they (and their parents!) will LOVE, and if you’ve only got five minutes together, you can bet that they’ll have more focus, better behavior, and achieve their (i.e. your!) IEP goals at lightning speed.

And β€” bonus β€” they’ll be missing less time from their regular classes. It’s a win-win…win-win-win situation!

There’s no need to get bogged down in the nitty-gritty of making the transition and getting your administration on board, because in this episode we’ll talk logistics, getting buy-in, and the cost-benefit analysis throughout this episode.

There are tons of tips and resources comin’ your way, so grab your beverage of choice, put your feet up, and listen in!

Key Takeaways + Topics Covered

– How to start the transition (starting small, getting admins/parents/teachers on board)
– Pros and cons
– Student privacy
– Structuring the session
– Homework
– Behavior management

Links Mentioned in the Podcast

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Speedy Speech
5 Minute Kids
Articulation Station Pro app
Little Stories Pro app
Super Duper Store Starters
Remind and ClassDojo
Kayla’s blog post about “why I dumped the treasure chest”
Kayla’s blog post about 5 minute speech

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