#036: Tips for Success with Literacy-Based Therapy: Parallel Stories

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We’ve officially wrapped our three-part series all about grammar over here at the podcast, and we are moving on to strategies for implementing the fifth step of the literacy-based therapy framework: Creating a parallel story!

If you haven’t heard of parallel stories before, this is always the last thing that I do in my literacy-based therapy units because it really allows students to integrate skills and apply what we’ve learned throughout the entire unit.

A quick note — before diving into all this episode’s goodness, make sure that you’re familiar with the basics of literacy-based therapy. If you’re not super confident, I recommend going back to episode four, which breaks down the five-step approach I’ll be talking about today.

When you’re clear on the basics, listen to this week’s episode where I share more about creating parallel stories — what they are and why they can be so beneficial, and then we’ll dive into some practical examples to implement this with your caseload.

A lot of you have written in to me saying that you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration on what could happen with the parallel stories, so I’ll share a few ideas about how to work with picture books, a couple of fiction articles, and some ideas for nonfiction articles to round out those various stages of learning.

So, grab your beverage of choice (I’ll have a chai latte!), put your feet up, and listen in.

Key Takeaways + Topics Covered

– Quick review of literacy-based therapy framework
– Using a story grammar organizer
– Examples in practice
– Creating stories on paper vs. digitally
– Parallel stories in fiction vs. non-fiction
– Using pre-story activation to influence the parallel story
– Ideas for parallel stories based on February’s Therapy Bundle
– A sneak peek at March’s therapy materials!

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