#035: How to Target Later Grammar Goals in Therapy

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In this episode, we’re continuing on with part three of our discussion grammar — a super exhilarating topic! Especially when it’s in conjunction with literacy-based therapy.

…See what I did there?

(FYI: Here are episodes one and two of this grammar series if you want to catch up.)

This week we’re talking about grammar for older students, which is even more exhilarating than usual because we’re moving beyond the typical pronouns, verbs, and irregular pronouns, and we’re jumping right into more complex syntax.

After all, who doesn’t love complex syntax?!

Go on and grab your beverage of choice, put your feet up, and get ready to get your nerd on. 🤓

Key Takeaways + Topics Covered

– Review of fundamentals for later grammar goals:
– The five-step framework we’re using for grammar intervention
– The literacy-based therapy framework
– How to target grammar goals using the literacy-based therapy framework

Links Mentioned in the Podcast

Evidence-based strategies for grammar intervention
How to target early grammar goals in therapy
Visuals for complex sentences in the SLP Now Membership
Connell (1982) article
Apps that can be used in therapy
Digital therapy planner
– Snow Day Fever from ReadWorks

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