#037: Tips for Success with Literacy-Based Therapy: Later Learners

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In this episode, we’re going to expand on our literacy-based therapy conversation to dig into session planning for older students and the different ways in which they interact with literature.

Of course, the context in which these older learners (think middle and high school-aged folks!) need to use and comprehend literature is different from that of grade-school aged students — so we’ll explore some ways to engage these learners based on their needs.

For example, we tend to use a lot of picture books and fiction-based articles with earlier learners, but as students age they tend to transition from a fiction-heavy curriculum to a more nonfiction-based one. Because of that, they’ll need to hone some different skills to achieve great comprehension and retell. 💪

I mentioned this last week but just in case you missed it — remember to brush up on the literacy-based therapy framework we introduced in episode four, so you’ll have all the relevant context you need to comprehend this podcast.

…see what I did there?! #PreStoryKnowledgeActivation 😁

So. As per usual, go ahead and grab your beverage of choice (it’s a soy latte day over here!) put your feet up, and listen in. 🤓

Key Takeaways + Topics Covered

– Contextualized intervention for older students
– Using the RISE framework to increase traction
– Aligning our therapy goals with the learner’s life goals
– Using pre-story knowledge activation for early connection to the articles
– Embedding explicit skill focus into discussion

Links Mentioned in the Podcast

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References Mentioned in the Podcast

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