6 Time-Saving Hacks for SLPs

When I was managing my caseload of 100+ students, I desperately needed a way to “work smarter” as an SLP. I used these hacks to manage my caseload as sanely as possible, and I hope they help you, too!

Listen, every SLP needs time-saving hacks in their life. We have too much to do and too little time! This blog post shares six time-saving hacks that speech therapists can use with their caseload to make their workload more efficient and more manageable. Click through to learn all the tips, and don’t forget to actually implement them!

1. Language Sample

This is one of my favorite hacks ever! Such a great time-saver, and it helps me feel super prepared for my evaluation meetings.


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2. No-Print Books

These are my favorite! I can access them in the SLP Now app. I just have to click, and (voila!) I have a whole session worth of visual supports!

Best part? You can download five no-print books for free when you sign up for a trial!


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3. Sheet Protectors + Dry Erase Markers

These are another great time-saver! I print one copy of the materials I need. I slip them in a sheet protector and can reuse them across sessions. It’s also a great engagement booster because kids love being able to use the dry erase marker!


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4. Sticky Tack

This is perfect for busy SLPs on a budget. Instead of buying expensive Velcro, I use sticky tack. Instead of having to place the hook and the loop sides for Velcro, I just place the sticky tack on my interactive pieces. I can then stick the interactive pieces anywhere! On other visuals, on the wall, on the board–wherever they need to go! They hold up really well!

I usually only go through one pack a year, so it’s very budget friendly, too!

5. Digital Data

I’ve tried so many data systems, and this is the one that stuck! I love how it streamlines everything! Planning is so much easier. It’s easy to enter data for even the most challenging groups. I know exactly how my students are doing (thanks to beautiful “automagically” generated graphs).

6. Medicaid Billing

This is the last one on the list, but it has saved me so much time! I used to spend hours a week just dreading the billing process. Now it only takes me five minutes a week, and I’ve convinced myself to kind of enjoy the process!

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Hi there! I'm Marisha. I am a school-based SLP who is all about working smarter, not harder. I created the SLP Now Membership and love sharing tips and tricks to help you save time so you can focus on what matters most--your students AND yourself.

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