I love sharing tips and tricks to help SLPs implement literacy-based therapy, but it’s not always easy to find the perfect book for your mixed group! This series of blog posts will help you find fun, engaging books that also make it easy to target your students’ goals. (I know I am always on the hunt for amazing books to use in therapy!)


If you work with older students, then stay tuned for a series of blog posts that highlight engaging texts that can be used to target more complex syntax goals!

Here are the later language skills we’ll be covering:

• Facts and Opinions
• Inferences
• Main Idea/Summarizing

Scroll down to see them all!

Facts and Opinions

Nerdy Birdy – This is a story about a “nerdy birdy” who navigates the opinions of other birds. A great context for discussing facts versus opinions!

Family Huddle – This book includes engaging dialogue and descriptions about the Mannings (a famous football family). Football fans particularly enjoy this story, and it’s a great context for identifying facts versus opinions!

If You Decide to Go to the Moon – This story is written in second person and tells the reader what they need to do when traveling to the moon. Students can identify facts and opinions as the author walks them through their trip. For example: “To go to the moon, you will travel about 240,000 miles. It is a long trip, but rocket ships go fast.”


Doctor De Soto – This is a story about a mouse who is a dentist. A fox stops by the office with a toothache. Students have the opportunity to make inferences about what the mouse and the fox are thinking/feeling throughout the story.

This Is Not My Hat – This is a story about a tiny fish who steals a hat from a big fish. This book is filled with opportunities to infer what the characters are thinking, feeling, and doing. Students also infer what happens at the end of the story. What happened to the little fish?

I Want My Hat Back – This is a story about a bear who lost his hat. The bear realizes who stole his hat, and students infer what happens to the culprit.

Main Idea/Summarizing

Vote! – This is an engaging and informative introduction to voting. Filled with visual supports, this text is ideal for older students who would benefit from a scaffolded review of this topic.

I Am Martin Luther King, Jr. – This inspiring biography includes great visuals that make it possible for students at all levels to learn more about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Why Should I Recycle? – This book illustrates why and how students can recycle. It’s filled with illustrations/visual supports to make the content accessible to all learners.

Here’s a quick overview of all the books we listed:

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  1. Hi there! II’m an SLP NOW member and – Working in an intermediate school, I’m excited to see later language books but can’t seem to see a “list” in the view box or have link access to the three topics: Fact and Opinion, Making Inferences, Summarizing……

    One more request…. are there visuals that go along with these skills in the membership already? What about ones for cause/effect? I see the materials for articles and books but no pre-teaching visuals/strategies for that particular language skill.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Kathy!

      This blog post doesn’t have links! We decided to just list them out and keep things super simple!

      The visuals that go along with the skills are in the membership! Feel free to shoot us a message in the app and we’d be more than happy to share the links with you!
      We don’t have visuals for cause/effect yet, but it is on our list!

      Hope that helps!

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