Your relationship with your supervisor can make or break your clinical fellowship year (CFY). Here are some questions to consider as you foster that relationship and start off on the right foot:

1. What type of support do you need?

Do you like to be more independent and ask questions when needed, or do you want a lot of support?

Be honest! Supervision style is a two-way street and your opinion matters!

2. How do you like to communicate?

Do you prefer e-mail, text, or in-person meetings?

3. What type of weekly support do you need?

Schedule check-ins at least once a week.

Remember, supervision during your CF year is very different from internship supervision. You will get basic job training and then be able to use your supervisor as a resource and mentor.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this blog with us. It has cleared many doubts of me related to my relationship with your supervisor. I really appreciate your work. Thank you.

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