#087: Curriculum-Based Therapy Plans for Early Elementary

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This Week’s Episode: How to Integrate Curriculum into Therapy with Our Early Elementary Students

Let’s continue our trip on the curriculum-based therapy train and talk about some ideas for our early elementary learners! 🚂

With this month’s learning series, our aim is to take those literacy-based therapy strategies that we’ve been talking about, and embed the strategy into the classroom by applying it to materials from the curriculum.

Last week we targeted some language comprehension, vocabulary and grammar with our preschoolers. The specific targets were answering questions about a story, identifying basic concepts, and producing three-word sentences that are grammatically correct.

This week I share an example of how I was able to collaborate with a teacher to help a student that was struggling with math word problems!

When I first heard this, I was a little bit unsure…speech language pathology and math aren’t exactly known for going hand-in-hand. 🤣

But as I thought about it and looked at the student’s goals, I became convinced that this was a really great area for me to support!

Let’s dive in and focus on how to target answering questions, identifying key details, defining tier two vocabulary words, and producing compound or compound complex sentences with our later elementary students.

Strategies + Tips Discussed:

– Collaborate with the teacher to target goals
– Observe the teacher to see what kind of language is being used in class
– Pre-teach instructional verbs and unknown words that are being used in class
– Act out the word problem
– Create vocabulary journal


– Lowman et al. from 2018 that talks about teaching kindergartners instructional verbs, and I really loved their approach. In this study they recognize the importance of instructional verbs and they wanted to see if they could teach these kindergartners 12 words that they thought were really important.

Here’s what we discussed:

[3:50] Therapy Ideas for Step 1 (Pre-Story Knowledge Activation)
[6:50] Therapy Ideas for Step 2 (Reading)
[6:55] Therapy Ideas for Step 3 (Post Story Comprehension)
[7:09] Therapy Ideas for Step 4 (Skill Practice)

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Links Mentioned

June Therapy Materials
The SLP Now One-Page Literacy-Based Therapy Unit Planner

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