#042: A Crash Course in AAC & Literacy

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In this episode, SLP Venita Litvack blows my mind with her deep understanding and passion for AAC.

This field goes even deeper than the average speech pathology education, using a range of techniques to bring communication and literacy tools to folks with significant disabilities.

It’s important, it’s challenging, and it’s rewarding!

Venita shares some powerful frameworks for practice and loads of amazing resources to support us in teaching those whose functional literacy skills may not be served by general literacy programming in schools.

This episode is an amazing jumping off point if you’ve been looking for a gateway to this kind of work!

What might be the most inspiring thing about Venita is her commitment to the Literacy Bill of Rights — that all persons, regardless of the extent or severity of their disabilities, have the right to use print.

I’m so glad (and so stinkin’ proud!!) that SLPs like Venita are working hard in the world to bring literacy (and the autonomy that comes with it) to folks with abilities that are so different than our own.

Holy smokes you’ll want to take notes in this one. I know I say that a lot, but it always seems to be true! 😂

Don’t worry about writing down all the links and resources — we’ve done our best to do that for you in the links section below. 👇 So save your scribbling power for those big a-has, grab your beverage of choice, and listen in.

Key Takeaways + Topics Covered

– Venita’s background and some AAC preliminary reading
– RAAP framework (read, ask, answer, prompt)
– Literacy Bill of Rights – every learner has the right to this education!
– Determining student needs – comprehensive emergent literacy instruction vs. conventional instruction
– Areas of emergent comprehensive literacy (and activity ideas for each)
– Tie-ins between this AAC and the general school curriculum
– Tons of amazing literacy resources for AAC and beyond!

Links Mentioned in the Podcast

First Bite podcast interview: “Speechie Side Up” Presents AAC – Venita Litvack, MA, CCC-SLP
Speechie Side Up
@speechiesideup on Instagram
Ten Ways to Boost your Knowledge of AAC
Core Calendar Club Facebook group
Comprehensive Literacy for All: Teaching Students with Significant Disabilities to Read and Write
Literacy Bill of Rights
The effect of pause time upon the communicative interactions of young people who use augmentative and alternative communication. (Hilary Mathis)
Video of RAAP method in action
Predictable chart writing
Story Grammar Marker
Braidy Doll
Tarheel Reader
Epic Books
Novel Effect
Literacy Through Unity
Tell Me curriculum
UNC Center for Literacy

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