#019: How to Navigate Scheduling

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This week is Part 2 of rocking your school year as an SLP. We’ve already talked about setting up your data collection + caseload, tackling some potential mindset trolls, and other strategies for success in your first week, so today is about how to navigate scheduling. 😍

This episode is a quick listen but it’s jam-packed with strategies + suggestions for creating a therapy schedule that a) works, b) keeps you sane, and c) leaves everyone happy.

Yes, it is possible. 🤓

So, grab your beverage + footwear of choice and listen in! (I’ll have a chai latte and my cozy socks!)

Key Takeaways

– Marisha’s four-step process for planning a scheduling party
– Using a poster board + sticky notes
– Creating groups of students
– Inviting teachers + helping them prepare
– Having the party!

Links Mentioned in the Podcast

Scheduling templates

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Hi there! I'm Marisha. I am a school-based SLP who is all about working smarter, not harder. I created the SLP Now Membership and love sharing tips and tricks to help you save time so you can focus on what matters most--your students AND yourself.

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