#006: A Crash Course on the Complexity Approach for Rapid Intelligibility Gains

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In this podcourse, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jennifer Taps Richard, a graduate of Indiana University and a speech-language pathologist in the San Diego Unified School District. She provides small group and classroom intervention to caseload and at-risk students, and is a coordinator for the Phonology and Articulation Resource Center.

Jennifer applies evidence-based research to practice, and supports SLPs in articulation and phonological intervention through staff development, consultation, and coaching. She also owns SLPath, which is a private company committed to promoting best practices and speech sound disorder intervention through online courses and intensive workshops.

I’ve learned all of my practical implementation tips from Jennifer because she makes the Complexity Approach so doable and approachable… when she breaks things down, they’re not so complex after all! 😂

In this week’s episode, Jennifer gives SLPs a crash course on the Complexity Approach and its use as an intervention in treating phonological disorders. So grab your favorite beverage, put your feet up and get comfortable… This is a good one!

Key Takeaways

• What is the Complexity Approach?
• Which students benefit from it, and which ones don’t?
• Why choose this approach over another?
• Best practices for starting with an evaluation
• Why we want a conversation sample as well as a single word test
• Tips for identifying targets for intervention
• Writing goals when using the Complexity Approach
• Getting started with treatment
• How you move through the targets
• How much time is typically spent on element clusters
• Tips for monitoring progress, and the data to watch out for

…I wasn’t kidding when I said this episode is absolutely jam-packed with nerdy speech pathology goodness!

Links Mentioned in the Podcast

> SLPath.com
> Judith Gierut’s 2007 article
> McLeod & Crowe’s 2018 review
> The In-Depth Phonological Assessment
> Protocol for Evaluation of English Phonotactics
> Stimulability Task
> Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation
> Speakaboo (Probes in several languages)
> Glaspey & Stoel-Gammon’s 2019 article
> Sharynne McLeod’s Speech Participation and Activity Assessment of Children; The Intelligibility in Context Scale; The Cluster Target Selection Document; Sample Phonological Goals; Data Collection via the Visual Analog Scale
> Phonological Report Template
> Cluster Target Selection
> Sample Phonological Goals
> Activities Featuring Complex Clusters
> Mo Willems → Watch Me Throw The Ball (Amazon affiliate)
> The Mr. Men Series → Mr. Stronger (Amazon affiliate)

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