#005: How to Implement the Cycles Approach

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In this week’s episode of the SLP Now podcast, I got to sit down with Shannon Werbeckes of SpeechyMusings.com to talk about using the Cycles Approach when working with students who struggle with speech sound disorders.

If you have ever struggled to wrap your head around implementing the Cycles Approach, this episode is sure to be a game changer for you. 🙌

Shannon does an absolutely brilliant job of explaining what the Cycles Approach is, when to use it, and the exact system that she applies to evaluate and implement this work with the students on her caseload. She also shares an incredible analogy that likens the Cycles Approach to working out, which makes it super easy to explain to parents and teachers in language they understand — especially if you’re assigning carryover work for at home or in the classroom.

With a focus on practical applications — both drill and play based — SLPs will walk away with a better understanding of how to implement the Cycles Approach to get the best odds of success with their students, when another approach would be more effective, and how to bring this system to the classroom in a way that makes it easy to replicate #WorkSmarter.

So grab your favorite beverage, put your feet up, and listen in!

Key Takeaways and Topics Covered

> What is the Cycles Approach?
> When would you choose it over other options, like the Traditional or Complexity Approach?
> Which students benefit from this approach? Which ones don’t?
> Tips and strategies for evaluations and data collection
> How to choose targets and write goals
> Tips for organizing treatment
> Using the Cycles Approach with mixed groups
> What to expect in terms of progress
> What to do if a student isn’t ready for cycles
> Play-based activities to reinforce targets after drills

Links Mentioned in the Podcast

> SpeechyMusings.com Cycles Blog Post
> Shannon’s TPT StoreCycles for Phonology Toolkit

Other Resources to Check Out

> The SLP Now Articulation Stickers and Phonology Sheets! See them in action here.
> A case study about using the Cycles Approach with 4-year-old Jayden
> Articulation 101: A Review of the Approaches

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