Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite organization tools! (More pictures are on the way!)

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All Around Organization

DRAWER CART: Read all about how you can use a drawer cart to stay organized HERE.

HANGING FILE ORGANIZER: I love using this to keep track of pending IEPs/evaluations. I like to focus on up to six IEPs/evaluations at a time. It helps me feel less stressed, and I still get everything done!

Organize the Packets

PLASTIC BAGS: These are PERFECT for SLPs on a budget. They’re big enough to fit papers and laminated sheets, so you won’t have pieces falling out on you (like with the regular gallon bags). They come in a pack of 100, so they’re great for sharing with friends.

POLY ZIP ENVELOPES: These are more expensive, but they’re a little more durable.

Check out where I store these bags/envelopes here!

Organize the Papers

DIVIDERS: If you’re a binder SLP, then these are perfect!

FILE FOLDERS: We often have access to green ones at school, but how pretty are these?! #favoritecolor

Organize the Craft Supplies

CADDY: You can often find these at the dollar store. They’re a great way to organize your craft materials (and it is easily accessible when it is craft time).

PENCIL POUCHES: I “bind” a bundle of these with binder rings and use them to store frequently-used materials. Perfect for traveling SLPs!

SHOE ORGANIZER: I love using these to keep my craft materials organized!

TOOLBOX: This is my new favorite! The boxes are the perfect size for storing odds and ends. I use half for miscellaneous craft/office supplies and half for some articulation decks. Perfect!

What are your favorite organization tools? Share with us in the comments!

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