#041: How to Tackle SLP Burnout

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Would you describe yourself as a helper? Or do you throw around the term “labor of love” when telling folks what you do? 🤔

If those are a heck yes, and last week’s episode about telepractice had you nodding your head and daydreaming about that elusive work/life balance…then you’ll definitely want to dive headfirst into today’s conversation with SLP and Life Coach Angie Merced, where she unpacks the phenomenon of SLP burnout.

First things first: You are not alone. Burnout is a real psychological phenomenon!

When workplace stress isn’t managed, it feels like your brain can’t retain information, you’re spinning your wheels when it comes to productivity, your usual uber-positive attitude feels harder to muster, and you’re so spent that you just need Netflix and a nap when the weekend rolls around. 😴

Next: There is hope for less stressful, more productive, and happier weeks!

Angie is a wellspring of inspiring, tangible, and actionable advice on how to reclaim your energy, create more time, and generate resources. There are only 24 hours in a day, but these tips will help you to identify where you’re leaking time, take care of yourself first, and make the most of your schedule. 💪

So grab your beverage of choice (I’ll have a chai latte!), put your feet up, and listen in.

Key Takeaways + Topics Covered

– Angie’s journey through her education and her own brush with burnout
– “Burnout” is an actual psychological phenomenon caused by unmanaged workplace stress
– Symptoms of burnout
– Angie’s five effective ways to get your time and energy back
– Identifying your “energy leaks” (things you spend time on that aren’t aligned with goals)
– Time-savers for your everyday

Links Mentioned in the Podcast

– Angie’s website: SLP Burnout Coach
Five Effective Ways to Get Your Time and Energy Back
Pomodoro Technique
Steven Covey Urgent vs. Important
Parkinson’s Law

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