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Planning Essentials: Speech Therapy Cart

Is it just me, or does your therapy room look like a tornado passed through by Monday afternoon? I was struggling to keep track of all the therapy materials I was using without them taking over my room. I knew I needed a way to easily store my materials so I could simply grab what I needed without having to dig through a mountain of materials. Enter the therapy cart… (:

Do you use a speech therapy cart in your speech room? My cart has quickly become one of my favorite and easiest ways to organize my speech materials and resources. I'm explaining where I got my cart, the containers I use, and how I organize my cart in this blog post, so click through to read all of the details!

I got this cart at Target, but they also sell them at IKEA.

I then went on a hunt for the perfect tools to organize my materials.

What’s Inside?

I found the magazine holders at IKEA. I keep my skill packs, books, and themed activities in these holders. My iPad hangs out next to them.

We do a lot of crafts in therapy, so I grabbed these hanging containers (79 cents a piece!) from IKEA. They hook onto the cart, so I can just pull off what I need. The containers have a flat bottom, so they can stand on their own.

On the bottom two shelves, I have more containers. I found the green containers at the dollar store, and they’re great for storing cards and other miscellaneous items. I also like these plastic containers (again from IKEA). They stack perfectly!

I also used these magnetic containers to store random craft pieces (e.g., pompoms, wiggly eyes, etc.).

I have a few more organizers that I use. You can read more about them here!

More Tips

I switch out the materials on a weekly basis, so I only have what I need for therapy that week. This keeps the cart from getting too cluttered (which would defeat the point)!

I love the cart’s mobility, too! The wheels are sturdy, so it’s easy to take into another classroom, if needed.

Want to see more?

Check out this video for a closer look!

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    Helen Wagner
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