It’s that time of year again. Referrals are flooding in, and piles of IEPs are coming due. Having trouble getting through the madness? Well, grab your beverage of choice and join me for a few quick tips.

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1. Make a Plan

Write down all of your important due dates. Put the dates in your calendar and/or paperwork log. Schedule strategically, if at all possible.

2. Schedule Blocks of Time

Give yourself a good chunk of time to sit down and get some paperwork done. I find that I do really well first thing in the morning and can work for a few hours at a time. I sometimes come in early to make that happen. (Bonus? There is no one to distract me early in the morning!) You might do better in the afternoon. You know what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to close your door to limit distractions.

3. Love Those Lists!

Break down your tasks for yourself. It can be reinforcing to cross off “mini-tasks” along the way. Plus, if you get interrupted, then you’ll know exactly where to pick up. It’ll also help you avoid forgetting any key pieces. Check out this product for all of my favorite lists! Or check out this blog post for digital tricks!

4. Organize Your Working Documents

I LOVE this organizer (Amazon affiliate link). I made clips with erasable labels so I can jot down what I’m working on and reuse the label in the future. It also makes it really easy to see what I’m working on “at a glance.” When I’m working on a particular document, I pull that file. When I’m done, I put it back. This helps me keep my desk clean, and I can quickly find my paperwork. I also keep my “IEP/Evaluation Checklists” in these files.

5. Breathe

In just a few short months, it will be summer break. You’ve got this!

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