How to Ask Your District to Pay for SLP Now

This is a guest blog post by Lesley, SLP Now’s District + Community Manager, sharing 5 tips to request funding from your district for your SLP Now Membership. 

5 Tips for Requesting Funding from Your District

When we ask SLPs about the biggest hurdle between them and saving time with SLP Now, the number one answer is…


Bet we didn’t surprise you with that one… and we get it! Working with a limited (or non-existent!) budget is not ideal — but we might have a solution for that.

Your sanity and the success of students can both be positively impacted when you have the right tools and resources at your disposal. 

Here are a few ways to help you get your membership funded so you can save up to 5 hours per week in caseload management and therapy planning – – and have thousands of evidence-based resources at your fingertips…

Tip 1: Talk to your fellow SLPs!

There is power in numbers and if multiple SLPs request support with funding for SLP Now, it’s more likely your district will be willing to listen. 

Maybe your coworkers are struggling with the same things you are and would benefit from an SLP Now Membership, or maybe they already have a membership paid for by your district.  The only way to find out is by starting a conversation. 

Tip 2: Put us to work! (Yes! We accept purchase orders!🎉)

Before you request funds from your lead SLP or admin, it’s important to do your homework. Gather all the information you think you’ll need beforehand.  

And – if you want to make that an easy peasy process, fill out the form at and we’ll put together a formal quote for exactly what you need. #SLPstudybuddies 

Districts often request the following information:

Billing Address: SLP Now, 10810 N Tatum Blvd, Suite 102860, Phoenix, AZ 85028
Phone: (480) 808-0757
Fax: (480) 360-7726

Tip 3: Start a conversation! 

Know who to ask but not quite sure how? We’ve got you covered.

If you’re ready to reach out to your principal, here’s a sample purchase request letter you can edit + share to get you started!

Have a contact in your district to reach, instead?: Here’s a sample purchase request letter to share with your lead SLP or coordinator to engage on the district level.

If multiple SLPs in your district are interested in joining, we also offer group discounts. Please contact us at to learn more!

Tip 4: Showcase SLP Now!

From the filterable, evidence-based, fully-prepped therapy plans inside SLP Now to the magic billing tool and incredibly efficient progress reporting, it’s hard to pinpoint one favorite feature amongst our members. 

So when you’re trying to describe it, we find it’s easy to have a go-to list of what’s inside:

✅ 4,200+ materials, including 400+ fully-prepped literacy-based therapy units
✅ Caseload management tools
✅ Digital data tracking
✅ Professional development courses
✅ Community

Do you have an opportunity to present to your administrators? Use this premade SLP Now presentation to showcase the membership to your administrators or email them this quick SLP Now Video Tour.

If we can help facilitate any conversations, please don’t hesitate to reach out (!

Tip 5: Submit your PO + celebrate! 

Did you get approval? Wahoo! The next step is to submit the purchase order online using this form:

Once we receive the order, we will process the PO, activate your SLP Now account, send you an email with instructions on how to access your account, and then we will send an invoice to your administrators.

Celebrate with SLP Now! 🎉

Share your wins with us! You can post your win(s) in the SLP Now Community or tag us in an Instagram post (@slpnow) and we will do a happy dance with you!

✨The icing on the cake ✨

✉️ Who doesn’t like a thank you note?

You did the legwork — and we’re celebrating you, for sure. Now, send a handwritten note or a quick email to show your appreciation for the support you got in securing your membership from whoever helped you along the way!

We’ll see you inside!

P.S. 📚 DonorsChoose is another great option for funding. Click here for more information.


Hi there! I'm Marisha. I am a school-based SLP who is all about working smarter, not harder. I created the SLP Now Membership and love sharing tips and tricks to help you save time so you can focus on what matters most--your students AND yourself.

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