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  • Getting started at a new school with a new caseload? It can feel overwhelming to have to do that, and you've got enough on your plate as a busy SLP! Find out how to set up your caseload quickly and easily to make your speech therapy more efficient and productive. Click through to read the post!
  • SLPs have challenging jobs -- I don't think any of us would argue that! With that being said, though, of course we sometimes run into overwhelm and struggle to manage the crazy schedules of our speech therapy rooms. This blog post, though, is all about an SLP manifesto: how you can change your mindset to come to a more positive head space about your job. Click through to read the speech-language pathologist's manifesto!
  • Do you need to work on your organizing skills in your speech room? This blog post is all about how I organized my tools and materials in my speech therapy room -- all as inspiration for you! As SLPs, we can accumulate a lot of stuff over the years, so speech room organization is a must in order to keep our little rooms from getting too crazy. Click through to learn more organizing skills for your speech room!
  • Did you know you can get the speech therapy materials your students need without having to break the bank? Check out this blog post for tips, tricks, and a bonus template to quickly request funding for your materials using DonorsChoose! Yes, DonorsChoose can be used by speech-language pathologists, too!
  • Wondering where to start with vocabulary intervention? This blog post walks through a framework that speech-language pathologists can use when targeting vocabulary goals.
  • Feel like you’re drowning in IEPs? This post includes six time-saving hacks that will help you zoom through your paperwork. These tips are perfect for the busy SLP who needs to maximize time in speech therapy instruction. Your students, their parents, and your colleagues will all appreciate your efficiency and help with students mastering speech and language skills to meet their IEP goals!
  • Need an online tool to help you manage your to-do list that you can access from anywhere? Asana is a fantastic tool for SLPs for this very reason! Check out how I use Asana to help me manage my caseload and my speech therapy in general. It's now my go-to task management tool, so read this post to learn how you can use it in speech and language therapy!