#025: How to Navigate Bullying with Students Who Stutter

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In this week’s episode of the SLP Now podcast, I got to sit down with the Nina Reeves to talk about how we can best support students who stutter and get bullied.

But first, a bit of background about Nina: She is a board-certified specialist in fluency disorders for Frisco ISD, a fluency specialist consultant for the San Diego Unified Schools, the author of several amazing clinically-based materials, the co-owner of Stuttering Therapy Resources, a recipient of numerous awards for outstanding contributions to speech therapy in public schools…and more.

Suffice to say this conversation was really illuminating for me, and it comes at a really great time for a couple of reasons.

First of all, I have been getting so many questions from the SLP community about how to handle this topic — bullying is tough to navigate at the best of times, and it’s often a bigger problem for students who struggle with disfluency than it is for their peers.

Secondly, October is Bullying Prevention Month, and this upcoming Wednesday (10/23/19) is Unity Day — a day to wear and share orange to show we are together against bullying and UNITED for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

One of the messages Nina is most passionate about sharing is that stuttering is okay, and a big part of success in speech therapy is accepting that. If we understand that, we can educate others and help to dispel some of the stigma around fluency — hopefully minimizing some of the bullying that accompanies that stigma. 💪

So grab your beverage of choice (I’ll have…something orange?), put your feet up, and listen in!

Key Takeaways

– What led Nina Reeves to become a fluency expert
– What is the difference between bullying and teasing?
– What the research tells us about bullying for students who stutter
– What an SLP’s role is in decreasing the impact of bullying for students who stutter
– How we can help to change the conversation about stuttering
– Focusing on the facts surrounding fluency
– Helping a child who stutters to understand bullying, and setting them up to respond
– Shoring up support systems: parents, teachers, siblings, and peers
– How to be stakeholder savvy and set up support systems
– What can SLPs do to support the parents of a student who is being bullied?
– What can teachers do to support their students?

Links Mentioned in the Podcast

Langevin and her colleagues (Research on bullying and children who stutter)
National Stuttering Association
British Stammering Association

Find Out More About Nina

– Web: NinaReeves.com
– E-Mail: Nina@NinaReeves.com
Stuttering Therapy Services & Seminars
Stuttering Therapy Resources
Ongoing Blog and Upcoming Vlogs
Clinical Guide and workbooks for dealing with teasing and bullying for SLPs, students who stutter, and their stakeholders
Clinical Guides for comprehensive information of both EC and SA stuttering therapy

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