#016: How to Support Students with Hearing Loss

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For this week’s episode of the SLP Now podcast, I got to sit down and chat with Lauren DiBiase about supporting students with hearing loss. I was so excited to talk to Lauren because not only is she an ASHA-certified speech-language pathologist, but she’s also a certified LSLS (language + spoken language specialist) auditory-verbal therapist who is fluent in ASL.

Lauren began her career in a school for the deaf before transitioning to the New York City Department of Education where she now works in the largest special education district in the United States. In addition to her practice, she’s an author and creates resources for other SLPs through TPT + her own website!

I’ve dabbled a little bit in the world of hearing loss during my time as an SLP, but it was really helpful to get a walkthrough of what it’s actually like to work with these students, and how to support + set them up for success beyond the therapy room. Lauren did such a great job of piecing together all the different aspects of treatment, and explaining them in a way that left me scrambling to take notes — I didn’t want to miss a thing!

So grab your beverage of choice (I’ll have an iced tea!) put your feet up, and listen in.

Key Takeaways

– How Lauren ended up learning about + working with students who have hearing loss
– What AVT certification is, and the process of becoming certified
– When a student should be screened for hearing loss
– Red flags to look for when evaluating hearing loss, and what the implications are for speech
– Best practices for referring to a specialist when a student has suspected hearing loss, and facilitating conversations with parents
– Common reasons that early symptoms of hearing loss get overlooked
– The first things an SLP needs to know if they have a child with hearing loss on their caseload
– Setting goals that are outside of the traditional expressive and receptive natures
– Breaking down the two main therapeutic pathways: the ASL path + the listening and spoken language path
– Tips for approaching treatment with students with hearing loss
– The importance of education + advocacy
– Evaluating children for hearing loss when they are non-verbal
– How to tell when a kid is faking you out
– What kind of progression Lauren has seen with her caseload
– Taking a dual approach to treatment
– How to structure + space the sessions

Links Mentioned in the Podcast

Lauren’s Teachers Pay Teachers store
AudiologyOnline – Hundreds of webinars about students with hearing loss
– For students who might be on the sign language track: ASLPro and Signing Savvy
– For students who are maybe on the listening and spoken language track: AGBell
– Facebook group: Speech Pathologists Who Work With Hearing Impaired and Deaf Students Chat
Gallaudet: A famous, famous university in Washington, D.C
Learning with Adrienne — The online course Marisha took
– On Instagram: Adventures in Deaf Ed
The Ling Six
– Where to find Lauren: Instagram @slplaurendibiase and slplaurendibiase.com

Podcast Transcript

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