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Speech Room Organization: Tools Roundup

Here's a round-up of some of my favorite organization tools! (More pictures are on the way!)

When it comes to speech room organization, you probably have a need for lots of tools to help you organize your materials. This post is a tools roundup, and it includes my recommendations for all of my favorite tools that will be great additions to your speech therapy room!

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive some compensation from Amazon.

All Around Organization

DRAWER CART: Read all about how you can use a drawer cart to stay organized HERE.

HANGING FILE ORGANIZER: I love using this to keep track of pending IEPs/evaluations. I like to focus on up to six IEPs/evaluations at a time. It helps me feel less stressed, and I still get everything done!

Organize the Packets

PLASTIC BAGS: These are PERFECT for SLPs on a budget. They're big enough to fit papers and laminated sheets, so you won't have pieces falling out on you (like with the regular gallon bags). They come in a pack of 100, so they're great for sharing with friends.

POLY ZIP ENVELOPES: These are more expensive, but they're a little more durable.

Check out where I store these bags/envelopes here!

Organize the Papers

DIVIDERS: If you're a binder SLP, then these are perfect!

FILE FOLDERS: We often have access to green ones at school, but how pretty are these?! #favoritecolor

Organize the Craft Supplies

CADDY: You can often find these at the dollar store. They're a great way to organize your craft materials (and it is easily accessible when it is craft time).

PENCIL POUCHES: I "bind" a bundle of these with binder rings and use them to store frequently-used materials. Perfect for traveling SLPs!

SHOE ORGANIZER: I love using these to keep my craft materials organized!

TOOLBOX: This is my new favorite! The boxes are the perfect size for storing odds and ends. I use half for miscellaneous craft/office supplies and half for some articulation decks. Perfect!

What are your favorite organization tools? Share with us in the comments!

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